Business flourishes on Mother’s Day at Ritters Garden & Gift

SPOKANE, Wash. — Social distancing made it harder to celebrate mom the way we’re used to. However, it didn’t prevent people from doing something special, including shopping for her at Ritters Garden & Gift.

“It’s the biggest day of the entire year,” said Maria Wyman, a marketing employee at Ritters Garden & Gift. “We look forward to this all season long.”

The theme at the store was different this year. A lot of changes for the plants.

“All the new varieties because every year there’s always new colors, new styles, new—new flowers, new everything,” Wyman said.

Big changes were scattered across the business, including the continued use of face masks and hand sanitizer.

“Trying to keep everyone spaced apart so the lines take a little bit longer,” Wyman said. “Trying to keep everything, like, cleaned so it does take a little bit longer for them to get back — to get up to the register for the next person and stuff like that.”

Some services they ramped up this year was online ordering and the introduction of curbside pick-up.

“We have our curbside people. We have our online people. We have a bunch of people ordering gift cards for their mom, too,” Wyman explained. “We also have a table out front so we just set it out there for them and they can grab it and take it home with them as well.”

Deliveries were booming on Mother’s Day. They had over 65 deliveries on Sunday, but the time people ordered them was a little out of the ordinary for the family-owned store.

“But this year has been almost more spread out, like people have been buying their Mother’s Day gifts almost weeks in advance,” Wyman said. “Normally like our Mother’s Day weekend is astronomically busy and we have a “bajillion” people it seems like here.”

For Ritters, one thing that didn’t change is what they hope for when people walk into the store.

“We want them to come and have a great time,” Wyman said. “I’m just grateful that people are still coming and still supporting us. For me, shop local and shop the heart because we are the heart of community.”

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