Burglaries more common during summer months

Burglaries more common during summer months

The drug addicted theives who go to condo and apartment complexes and jiggle door knobs to see if they’re locked.

They are simply playing a numbers game but their odds of success rise along with our temperatures.

Carlos Granstrom is a maintenance man who also helps protect the apartment complex where he lives with his family.

So, on Tuesday night, when he saw a stranger sitting on his back porch he knew something was wrong.

What Granstrom didn’t know is that Arturo Champine had just allegedly broken into an apartment and stolen a wallet.

The victim had called 9-1-1 and Granstrom was still eyeballing the suspect when police arrived.

Once police had Champine in custody they searched his bag and found a loaded pistol, meth and the victim’s stolen wallet with more than a hundred dollars inside.

This is Granstrom’s fourth year working at this complex.

He says as temperatures warm up we’ll see an increase in thieves trying apartment door knobs knowing they are less likely to be locked.

Chapine was just released from prison on May 1st.

Tonight he’s back behind bars in leiu of a $50,000 bond.