Bugs found in broccoli at Chiawana High School

Bugs found in broccoli at Chiawana High School

Small bugs were discovered in washed bags of broccoli at Chiawana High School Wednesday morning.

The issue came to light after someone photos of the bugs to Facebook on Tuesday, urging students to stop eating at the school “immediately.”

The Pasco School District says the bugs were tiny aphids, which are common this time of year. The vendor that produced them says aphids can be hard to eliminate because they are so small.

Nutrition Services immediately notified all of the district’s school kitchens and told staff to throw away all bags of fresh broccoli. No other cafeteria found the bugs in any produce, according to a news release.

“Every day, kitchen staff members at all schools thoroughly wash and inspect all fresh produce before placing it in our cafeteria salad bars,” the school district said.

Cafeteria workers were shown photos to remind them what to look out for during their inspections.

The school district said it has notified the Benton-Franklin Health District, adding that the two sectors work closely with each other to make sure food is safe for consumption.

“The health and safety of our students is our top priority and our kitchen staff will continue to work diligently to serve food to our students that is nutritious and safe for them to eat,” the district said.

​​​​​​ Story courtesy of our sister station KAPP-KVEW.