Bison escape from Glenrose farm, found roaming near Underhill Park

SPOKANE, Wash. — It was an unusual sight in East Central Spokane today—two bison went for a walk, waking up neighbors surrounding Underhill Park.

Their names are Hazel and Baxter, and their adventure this morning caused quite the commotion. They made it all the way from their home on Glenrose and 23rd to Underhill Park, traipsing through about three miles of Spokane neighborhoods.

4 News Now’s Melissa Luck was there when it ended.

“I actually live not too far from Hazel and Baxter over on Glenrose and they have been known to get out from time to time,” Luck explained. “But, today, they must have been feeling a little bit more adventurous and they ended up all the way here in Underhill Park—much to the surprise of Spokane Police.”

Ordinarily, Hazel and Baxter lived confined, sort of, on a plot of land near the Glenrose Prairie.

Every once in a while, though, they slip the fence and decide to explore, but they’ve never wandered this far.

Still, if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected.

When Brenda Althar looked out her window onto Underhill Park, she saw Spokane Police trying to corral two massive, fully-grown bison who simply had other ideas.

“No, definitely not what we expected this morning for sure,” said Althar. “It took them a long time, they ran all over the park, up into the hills, they brought them back down. It was pretty funny.”

They ran through neighborhoods and even traipsed into people’s back yards. After two hours, Spokane Police—and Hazel and Baxter’s owners—finally got them wrangled.

“Police had to jump in their car when they started running right towards their cop cars,” Althar described. “They finally got them into the baseball diamond and, lo and behold, they finally corralled them all up!”

The bison were loaded back in the trailer and taken home, another adventure behind them. Maybe, just all of us, Hazel and Baxter are tired of feeling trapped at home. Sometimes these bison just have to roam.