Browne’s Addition officially a local historic district

Browne’s Addition officially a local historic district
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Browne’s Addition is officially a local historic district.

Spokane Mayor David Condon passed and signed the ordinance on October 4.

Historic Preservation Officer Megan Duvall issued the following statement on behalf of the Spokane Historic Landmarks Commission:

” The passage of a local historic district in Browne’s Addition will protect the historic character of one of Spokane’s first neighborhoods, will offer incentives to property owners when restoration of historic properties occurs, and allow the neighborhood to have a conversation with developers at the onset of new projects. This effort could not have been done without the leadership and support of the Browne’s Addition Neighborhood Council, Spokane City Council, Spokane Historic Landmarks Commission, Spokane Preservation Advocates and City Administration. ”

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Earlier this year, the Spokane Historic Landmarks Commission put the proposal forward. Property owners in Browne’s Addition passed the vote with 54 percent approval. It then passed among the City Council and was approved by the mayor.

Now that the ordinance has passed, homeowners must follow certain guidelines for changes to exterior walls, roofs, porches, entrances and windows. Any changes to those elements of a home or building, plus any new construction, will have to be approved through a design review conducted by the Historical Landmarks Commission.

Homeowners will also get help with their property taxes. They will receive up to 10 years of reduced property taxes, as well as a 20 percent income tax credit for income-producing properties like rental apartments or retail establishments.

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Browne’s Addition officially a local historic district