Broken washer hose causes water damage on every floor of unoccupied WSU fraternity house

Coroner: WSU student died hours before 911 call
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A 19-year-old man died in the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity at WSU early Tuesday morning. Police said his death may be linked to alcohol. 

PULLMAN, Wash — Firefighters were sent to the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity house at 4:30 a.m. Monday when sensors triggered an alarm.

A broken washer hose on the third floor laundry room caused water damage to every floor, including the basement.

The fraternity house was unoccupied, and the incident commander Lieutenant Andrew Chiavaras said that the water had been flowing for a day or two from the third floor. The alarm was triggered when part of a ceiling collapsed in the basement, activating a smoke detector.

Firefighters said there was a delay in entering the building because the fraternity had changed their locks, but had not updated their keys.

Fire officials said that a Pullman building inspector went through and determined that there was no structural damage caused by the water. Property managers will be bringing in cleaning crews, and then contractors to make repairs to what was damaged.

The water damage follows a $2.8 million renovation in 2018.

Washington State University placed the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity on interim loss-of-recognition-status following the death of one of their members, nineteen-year-old Samuel Martinez in November 2019, and has not since reopened.

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