“Bro Team” makes Thursdays extra special at Central Valley’s University High School

“Bro Team” makes Thursdays extra special at Central Valley’s University High School

Let’s face it. Who likes Thursdays? Better yet, who likes Thursdays in high school?

University High School senior Jeremy Austing said, “we can’t wait for Thursdays. Thursdays are the best!”

Jeremy and his group of friends are the exception.

“We’re the Bro Team,” he shared

The “Bro Team” was assembled in their leadership class after the group was asked to perform one act of kindness.

“We were assigned to go open the doors for people and just greet and we decided that that was pretty boring saying good morning every morning,” Jeremy explained.

Fellow Bro Team member Julius Page added, “you know, we took it up a level and we brought a truck and we’ve tried to top it every week and it’s awesome.”

They’ve done that and then some. Every Thursday they’ve come up with a bigger and better way to say good morning. From Halloween with pumpkins to a tailgate barbeque. Last Thursday, it was a giant birthday celebration – for no one in particular.

There were donuts, dancing and presents! Hard to believe they thought of the theme the night before. Not just because of their impressive set up, but their enthusiasm even after hours sanding in the cold, just to make each of their peers feel special.

“I personally try and know as many names as possible,” said Jeremy.

“It doesn’t matter who you are, we are just about accepting everybody. Making sure everybody feels welcome and then hopefully as they go in to school they kind of see our openness and are then that way to other people,” added Julius.

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