Brides, event venues juggling restrictions while planning weddings in Phase 3

SPOKANE, Wash. — Growing up, many girls dream of what their wedding would be like. Sarah Dixit never thought she’d be planning hers in a pandemic.

“It’s been an interesting challenge for sure,” Dixit told 4 News Now.

There are many rules Dixit and event venues have to follow.

Masks, the amount of guests and even dancing. In Phase 3, the state guidelines say people on the dance floor are only limited to whatever the maximum table size is. People have to be six feet away from others and wear masks, too.

Those restrictions are also required when it comes to the couple’s first dance and parent dances. Only one pair may be allowed on the dance floor at time.

There are many rules, yet it’s possible they could change, for better or for worse.

Right now, up to 400 people are allowed in event venues, or 50 percent capacity, whichever is fewer. That means 150 people could be inside Pacific Pine Collective.

“I would rather my brides have that expectation that their wedding would be under 150, then tell them 200 but then ask them to uninvite guests. I can’t imagine any bride would want to do that,” said Danielle Biondi, a venue coordinator with Pacific Pine Collective.

It’s been tough for Biondi to help plan for Dixit’s wedding. The big day is supposed to be in September, and there’s always that possibility of more or less restrictions by the time that day comes.

“I think even yesterday I was like, ‘Oh, no, what are we going to do if that happens?’ I think as long as we’re having those conversations often, we feel like we’re on the same page and we want everyone to be safe and healthy,” Dixit said of her plans with her fiancé.

The uncertainty of the virus is partly why Pacific Pine Collective is waiting to have weddings. They’re not hosting any this spring or summer and have lost some business because of that. However, they’d rather it be safe for their guests.

“We are not hosting any weddings until the fall to be safe. We’re waiting to the end of August, September to start hosting those weddings just as a precaution,” Biondi said.

Even through all these rules, Dixit can’t wait to marry her fiancé, knowing she’ll be able to have her loved ones next to her being safe as well.

“It feels like we’re on track to hopefully have it be just a safe and fun environment,” Dixit said.