Brewczynski Arrested For Ken Cross’ Murder

SPOKANE — Detectives have arrested David Brewczynsi on a charge of 1st Degree Murder for the death of elderly Spokane Valley resident Ken Cross.

Cross was beaten and shot twice in the head with a small caliber weapon in his home. His body was discovered inside his bedroom closet on September 20th.

Detectives determined that Brewczynski, arrested and taken into custody on October 1st on an unrelated charge, had been involved in Cross’ murder after a man on the West Plains claimed he rented some shop space to Brewczynski for several months.

Brewczynski had not been current on his payments and was evicted from the shop. When the man went into the building to check on the contents inside he found Ken Cross’ wallet, a .22 caliber pistol and jewelry that belonged to Cross stored in the space Brewczynski had been renting.

After realizing the wallet belonged to a murder victim the evidence was turned over to the authorities.

Detectives were also able to connect Brewczynski to Cross through property found in another storage unit. The search warrant executed on the unit located in the 1900 block of East Francis turned up stolen property from two residential burglaries and seven packs of unfiltered Camel cigarettes with tribal stamps on each pack.

Ken Cross had the same cigarettes with the same tribal stamp in one of his pockets when he was found.

Authorities also matched a boot print found in Brewczynski’s apartment to a bloody boot print left in Cross’ home.