Brenda Thurman’s children to file wrongful death suit

Brenda Thurman’s children to file wrongful death suit

A Spokane Valley man who accidentally shot his wife to death is facing some new legal problems.

Brenda Thurman died of a single gunshot wound to her chest, but Spokane’s medical examiner determined Thurman’s death was accidental.

Now, Dwayne Thurman is about to get sued by his late wife’s family.

Brenda is survived by her two adult children who don’t think there mother’s death was an accident. While they wait for the sheriff’s office to complete their investigation, Brenda’s son and daughter are planning a file a wrongful death action in court.

Brenda was killed in her Spokane Valley kitchen when a pistol her husband was trying to disassemble suddenly fired striking Brenda in the chest.

Thurman’s husband and daughter rushed her to Valley hospital, but doctors were not able to save her.

Brenda was a very popular therapist at the veteran’s outreach center in Spokane Valley where her clients felt safe talking to her.

Both Brenda and Dwayne were military police officers. Despite Dwayne’s gun safety training, the medical examiner found his wife’s death was the result of an accidental discharge.

But when the couple’s daughter went to pickup up her mom’s death certificate, she was shocked to learn the medical examiner had declared the shooting unintentional.

The couple’s daughter is glad detectives haven’t given up pursuing every possible lead in the case.

“I’m thankful they haven’t just swept it under the rug,” said Gabrielle Corriette. “They’re really looking into this and I really appreciate all the work that’s being put into it and them being thorough and all that.”

That includes testing the gun Brenda was shot with to determine if it was defective.

But the investigation has stretched on for 11 months. Gabrielle and her brother are estranged from their former stepfather, Dwayne .

According to court documents, Gabrielle has become the executor of her mother’s estate for several reasons, including pursuing a wrongful death action against Dwayne Thurman.

Detectives say that Dwayne has cooperated with their investigation to the extent that he admitted his relationship with Brenda was not without his challenges.

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office has not yet referred this case to the prosecutor’s office.