Breezy and warm today, clear and mild tonight – Mark

Happy Wednesday!

Here are your 4 Things to Know for today:

  • Warm weather continues today and tomorrow
  • We will, though, see some breezy conditions
  • Showers are possible Friday night
  • A cooler weekend is on the way

Wed Mid 4 Things

Here’s a look at the rest of your day – sunny with temperatures in the 80s.

Wed Rest Of

We’re sitting above average when it comes to temperatures and seeing a breezy day in the Central Basin.

Wed Highs

Tomorrow will be the last warm day for awhile!

Wed Thu Hi

A weak front will bring breezy conditions today, but we’ll clear up midday and head into another warm day Thursday. Clouds and cooler temperatures are expected Friday with rain showers Friday night. Mid 70s all weekend with a fair sky.

Wed 7 Day