Boy Scouts, Mormon church part ways

Boy Scouts, Mormon church part ways

After a more than 100-year partnership, the Boy Scouts of America and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints have decided to part ways.

Mormons make up more than 42 percent of the Boy Scouts of the Inland Northwest. That’s 2,700 families. The Mormon church has decided that as of December 2019, it will end its relationship with the Boy Scouts, deciding instead to create its own youth leadership program to serve Mormon youth around the world.

Karen Meier with the Inland Northwest Scouts says they have a lot to thank the LDS church for.

“The Inland Northwest would like to thank our long-lasting partners, the Church of the Later-Day Saints, for we have had thousands of scouts come through our council, and to deliver many service projects, and Eagles, and community partners,” she said. “We would like to thank you.”

Meier says she hopes some of the families will remain with the scouts even after the official ties have been severed.