Bonner Co. Sheriff urges Idahoans to avoid violent protest of the presidential inauguration

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SANDPOINT, Idaho — Bonner County Sheriff Daryl Wheeler urged Idahoans to avoid “hyper-partisan bickering” and making a “show of force” in the streets with Inauguration Day this week.

“I have watched well intentioned persons herded across the country in hopes that their presence would change the results of the Presidential Election,” said Wheeler. “Despite this, I have been informed that many more saber-rattling/virtue signaling events are in the works.”

Wheeler’s remarks come in the midst of violent threats nationwide — pro-Trump supporters are demonstrating outside of all 50 state capitols, with right-wing militias encouraging members to occupy the building or otherwise make their presence known, all in an attempt to contest the long-decided presidential election.

“I predict that these events will not only lead to violent exchanges but could also result in a second Patriot Act,” claimed Wheeler.

Wheeler says that Bonner County residents are in no danger of losing their Second Amendment rights, and they are “not obligated to follow the unlawful dictates of our Governor.” Wheeler most recently announced he would not enforce Panhandle Health’s regional mask mandate.

Instead of protesting and violence, Wheeler urges Idahoans to “take an active role in correcting the injustices of the current administration through the legislative process.”

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