Bonner Co. Commissioners must have budget meeting to vote on defunding Panhandle Health

Panhandle Health District
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BONNER CO., Idaho — According to the Bonner County Prosecutor’s Office, the Bonner County Board of Commissioners cannot defund the Panhandle Health District during Tuesday’s board meeting.

If they choose to do so, it can only be done during a budget meeting, according to Commissioner Dan McDonald.

However, according to the Commissioner’s Office, budget hearings do not start until the beginning of August every year. The Commissioner’s Officer could not verify “if it will be brought up again” at this time.

During Tuesday’s meeting, McDonald said he does not wear a mask, but said he socially distances. McDonald expressed concerned about what the second mask mandate has done and how it has created more division in the community.

“Talk to your neighbors and if you feel like wearing a mask, wear a mask,” McDonald said. “If you don’t feel like wearing a mask, we’re not going to wear one.”

McDonald said he hopes the numbers will turn around and they think the numbers will. He also asked people to “stop harassing each other.”

Vice President of the Panhandle Health Board Glen Bailey spoke at today’s meeting. He cited other services the district provides, such as health and child care.

“They do have the value and I think that totally terminating the funding to the Panhandle Health District would be overkill,” Bailey said.

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