Bold burglar startles Spokane Valley family

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office believes they are close to identifying a woman who allegedly walked into a Spokane Valley house while the family was home.

Eric Sewell and his wife were in the backyard of their home near the 14900 block of East Broadway on the morning of April 22 – their nine-year-old son was inside watching T.V.

Sewell noticed a white car pull into his neighbor’s driveway. He had no idea the female passenger had exited the car and entered his home through an unlocked front door.

Sewell’s son, Aiden, 9, was playing videogames with a friend and thought the woman was there to see his parents. Aiden said she went into his mom’s bedroom and spent a few minutes inside the home. He became suspicious and yelled for his parents when the woman walked out the door with his mom’s purse.

“My son came running out and saying ‘someone had taken mom’s purse!'” Sewell said. “I didn’t think it was true, you know, who was going to walk into someone’s house on a Sunday afternoon and steal stuff out of their bedroom.”

Sewell chased after the woman but she managed to get away with several items including electronics, car and house keys, his wife’s purse, and several credit cards.

Spokane County Sheriff’s deputy Mark Gregory said the victim’s credit cards were used at several businesses. The woman using them was caught on at least one store’s security cameras.

The Sheriff’s Office is investigating the burglary, but Sewell said he got a call on Monday from the Spokane Police Department, saying they recovered some of his stolen property from a woman arrested during a residential burglary.

The Sheriff’s Office is still investigating to determine if the woman arrested by SPD is the same woman that entered Sewell’s home.