Boeing recruits Spokane Community College

Boeing recruits Spokane Community College

Boeing is a brand often associated with rocket scientists. Men and women who attend years of school to allow us to safely travel the skies. However, as Spokane Community College students learned Wednesday, the aviation giant has no shortage of opportunities

“Boeing’s in Seattle,” explained Jennifer Paige, who just graduated in December. “It’s not everyday that we get people to try and recruit us and get us over there- and Boeing’s an excellent company to get in with.”

Paige has wanted to be a pilot since Fourth Grade. Wednesday, however, she admitted she could see herself in one of the positions recruiters were pushing;

“I’m definitely a lot more interested in the functional test position. I didn’t even know it was a position at all. I guess it makes sense, but yeah I definitely didn’t know.”

It’s that kind of epiphany Boeing is hoping for.

“A lot of these jobs, Mechanical jobs, have a lot of complexity depending on where you’re at,” declared Michelle Burreson, who’s been with the aviation giant for 15 years. So, if you’re doing assembly, it’s different than machine maintenance or functional tests. Everyone is looked at and what we’re doing today is looking the skills you have and aligning those to the correct jobs that you might have in the future.”

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