Bodycam footage released from September shooting

Bodycam footage released from September shooting

Body camera footage released Wednesday shows the moments leading up to a police shooting in north central Spokane.

In August 2017, Spokane Police received an intelligence bulletin from authorities in Reno, Nevada. Antonio Davis, 25, was believed to be living in the Spokane area. Davis had felony warrants to his name – for being in unlawful possession of a firearm, for discharging a firearm into a vehicle and for assault. The bulletin also mentioned Davis was a suspect in a homicide and that the weapon in that homicide had not been found.

On September 18, Spokane police officers Chris McMurtrey and Tucker Seitz saw Davis at Lincoln and Maxwell. They approached him and notified him that he was under arrest, but Davis then jumped in a vehicle and fled.

Davis eventually lost control of his vehicle as he tried to turn westbound on Sinto, and struck a tree. Both he and the passenger fled on foot north through a parking lot and attempted to scale a fence. The male passenger succeeded, but Davis did not.

Officers Seitz and McMurtrey arrived on scene and yelled at Davis to stop. McMurtrey told Davis to “stop or I’ll shoot you.” Davis ignored his commands and ran right at Seitz with his right hand concealed in his waistband.

Seitz fired twice at Davis, hitting him in the right bicep.

Davis was taken into custody and transported to Sacred Heart Medical Center. After he was treated, he was arrested on charges of attempting to elude police and unlawful possession of a firearm.
He posted bond, and awaits trial out of custody.

A 9mm Lorcin handgun was found in the alley just beyond the fence where the male passenger from Davis’ vehicle had fled.