Bloomsday unaffected by construction projects

Bloomsday skeptics should be at ease – it looks like race day will be unaffected by projects.

“There’s no construction that will interfere on the course itself,” reassured Don Kardong, a race co-founder.

That, of course, is good news for the roughly 50,000 runners. The challenge, however, will be faced by spectators hoping to meet their runner at the finish line

“We are locating our post race party in the Bennett Block parking lot and the continuous streets there,” reminded Kardong.

Last year, organizers had the same plan, which seemed to work out as well as possible. This year, however, there’s another obstacle in the form of the Howard Street Bridge, or what used to be known as the Howard Street Bridge.

“The trickiest thing for people is if they’re used to parking at the arena and walking through the park to get to the start and then back again,” admitted Kardong. “That’s going to be a difficult route.”

Expected to open sometime in May, the unfinished Howard Street Promenade will force the public to walk a bit further than usual.

In an ideal world, you might want a friend to drop you off near downtown, but there are other ways to avoid parking anxiety.

“The best one is the Spokane Transit Shuttle which comes in from 4 different satellite lots. Drops off at the start and picks up there again afterwards, and people, if they didn’t sign up ahead of time, they can still buy a pass at the trade show at the sta booth.”

For information on how to volunteer with Bloomsday – click here.