Bloomsday 2021 finisher t-shirt revealed

Bloomsday 2021 Finisher Shirt
Courtesy of Jon Neill

SPOKANE, Wash. — Bloomsday has revealed the finisher t-shirt for the 2021 race!

A banner displaying the brand-new finisher shirt is now hanging at Riverside and Monroe.

“As we celebrate 45 years of Bloomsday, we will once again honor our history with the unveiling of our shirt on this special Sunday,” said race director Jon Neill. “At the corner of Riverside and Monroe, a few strides in either direction from our 12k start and finish, the shirt and design is now ready for viewing…on a 40-foot banner!”

The 45th annual Bloomsday is now underway through May 9, and you can register online until then to earn your shirt—simply sign up, run or walk a 7.5-mile course, then submit your time on the Bloomsday website before May 9.