Bloomies battle Doomsday with a little help from their fans

Bloomies battle Doomsday with a little help from their fans

The Lilac Bloomsday Run is as much a spectator event as it is a race. Every year, crowds or neighbors, families and friend gather to cheer on their favorite Bloomies.

KXLY caught up with spectators Sunday is one Bloomsday spot where motivation is much needed- Doomsday Hill.

As soon as runners cross the T.J. Meenach bridge, they know what awaits them on the other side.

There’s a reason it’s called Doomsday Hill. It’s the same reason an inflatable vulture greets the pack at the top: This incline is no joke.

That’s why, each year, there’s a crowd of fans to boost Bloomsday morale. As they enter the run’s 5th mile.
It’s where Spokane sports mascots hang out for hugs and photos. It’s where you often get your first glimpse of the finisher’s t-shirt. This Sunday, it’s where five year old Jadelyn McArthur worked some high-five magic.

It’s the five-year-old’s first Bloomsday, she said. So far, she loves it.

Jadelyn and her dad John let KXLY crash their Bloomsday watch party on Doomsday Hill (or North Pettet Drive, on every other day of the year) as they waited to see mom, sister and grandma crush the slope.

While the waited, Jadelyn gave some energy to all the Bloomies with a special tool.

“I’ve been giving…them ‘power high fives.’ It gives them a lot of energy to run up hard things,” she said.

Jadelyn is one of many people who come out for the event, to support the runners, enjoy the sun and do some people watching.

“Yeah I’ve seen someone that had a Chewbacca costume on and a Rey costume on,” she said.

Giving ‘power high fives’ to tens of thousands of people might be a lot for most- but not for Jadelyn.