Blogging from SB48: Tuesday’s Media Day Recap

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Media Day interview with Russell Wilson after the crowd died down.

Media Day recap vo

Wow.  Media Day 2014 is in the books.  I asked quite a few people, who’ve worked in the business for a while, what they thought about Media Day.  Here are a few of the words used to describe it:  “Circus” “ridiculous” “awesome” “stupid” “chaos” “painful” “silly” “FUN”.

With that in mind, we tried to have as much fun as possible while we were there.

Tuesday, 6:30 am ET:  Surely that’s not the alarm going off.  It is, and don’t call me ‘Shirley’.

Tuesday, 7:30 am ET:  While boarding the media bus shuttle, we were greeted with Media Day pins, a media day quiche, and media day coffee in a media day travel mug.  Clutch.

Tuesday, 8:30ish am ET:  The ‘welcome to Newark’ committee had the Rutgers marching band out front, which was pretty cool.  The bag check was also pretty easy.  Maybe we’re all just getting really good at bag checks.

Tuesday, 9:15 am ET:  With 90 minutes to spare, about 100 people were parked in front of Peyton Manning’s podium.  #HaveFunWithThat

Meanwhile, I spent my time exploring who was there.  The biggest names from the major networks were there:  Chris Berman, John Clayton, Ed Werder, Jim Gray, Regis Philbin, Kurt Warner, Randy Moss (just to name a few).

Tuesday, 10:45ish am ET:  The Broncos arrived.  Thousands of people began pushing and shoving, trying to get their interviews, but things seemed to stay about as civilized as possible.  I didn’t see any punches thrown, so that’s a plus. 

Tuesday, 10:50 am ET:  What on EARTH is going on?!  Chaos.  That’s what.  Somewhere in the mix, we talked to Eric Decker, Champ Bailey, Wesley Woodyard and Orlando Franklin.  And also captured some of the non-football aspects, which included a guy dressed up as “Waldo”, “Mozart”, some sort of super hero with really good hair, Miss New Jersey, a LOT of Keith Osso photobombing, and maybe a Pete Carroll impersonation (or two).

Tuesday, Noonish ET:  The Broncos media session absolutely flew by, yet was also draining.  Round two, with the Seahawks, on deck.  We had just enough time to catch our breath and monster a quick meal.

Tuesday, 12:30 pm ET:  Desean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles is introduced.  A good number of Giants fans in attendance proceed to “boo” him in a half-hearted manner (pretty funny).

Tuesday, 12:45 pm ET:  The Seahawks come out of the tunnel and head to their respective podiums/places.  Steven Hauschka was the first player we talked to.  He had a brand new GoPro and was capturing the entire experience. 

In general, the top-tier players (Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, Max Unger) had big crowds around them.  A lot of the young guys, or second-tier players were more available. 

The Seahawks seemed looser than the Broncos – even the rookies.  Alvin Bailey, Luke Willson, and Christine Michael were some of the best talkers.  Brandon Mebane was also great.  And we also caught up with Idaho’s Benson Mayowa, who will not be playing on Sunday, but was experiencing Media Day for the first time as an undrafted rookie.  By the way, he talked about how cool the event was, but said that the ultimate goal is to get back on the field and experience Super Bowl 49 as a key contributor.

For what it’s worth the Seahawks fans were much louder than the Broncos fans.  They started a few ‘Seaaaa-Haaawwks’ chants. 

As the media hour was coming to an end, a lot of the Seattle players were walking around outside of their designated areas, taking in the experience and mingling with media, friends, and family.  It was pretty cool to see them in that element, and also see how approachable they were.

Tuesday, afternoonish ET:  The session came to a close and a large group of people loosely labeled as “media” boarded buses and headed back to NYC. 

We didn’t really talk much football today, but to us, Media Day isn’t about the X’s and O’s.  It’s about having fun.  And you either accept that, or you put on your grumpy pants and pout.  #NoGrumpyPantsHere

Wednesday, 10:45ish am ET:  The Seahawks will once again be made available, this time to a more restricted group of media.  Chatter will likely turn back to football.

Media Day vo