Blogging from SB48: Thursday on the Boulevard

Blogging from SB48:  Thursday on the Boulevard

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Back to football.  For the teams, not for us.  We spent the day exploring Super Bowl Boulevard, which was absolutely packed.

Quick recap of Wednesday night:  we met a group of Seahawks fans (a couple of which went to Eastern Washington).  They were from Montana, Colorado and the Seattle area.  We also met a group from Yakima, and among them was Braden, a young lad who had the Seahawks logo shaved into his head.  It was pretty amazing.

Thursday, sometime before noon, ET:  After sleeping in for the first time all week, we set out to see what exactly Super Bowl Boulevard is all about.

Thursday, 12:30 pm ET:  A third person walks into the back of the tripod that I’m carrying.  Turns out that carrying camera equipment through large groups can be hazardous to the health of those around us. Whoops.

Thursday, 1:00 pm ET:  Operation ‘Get me on that huge freaking slide!’ is underway.  There are times when its necessary to flex the ‘here is my media credential’ muscle.  This is one of those times.  After cutting about 500 people, one of the media contacts helps me get right to the front of the line to ascend up the ‘Toboggan Run’.  With a GoPro in hand, we attempt to carry out Operation ‘Get me on that huge freaking slide!.’ 

Thursday, 1:25 pm ET:  I begin to think, “Please don’t let me slip, fall, face-plant down the huge freaking slide.” 

Thursday, 1:25 pm ET:  Success.  Only went airborne for a fraction of a second. 

Thursday, 1:28 pm ET:  “My turn,” – Osso.  By the way, we’re actually 12 years old.

Thursday, 1:35 pm ET:  Osso successfully descends from the top of ‘Toboggan Run’ while I watch from the bottom thinking, “Wouldn’t it be great if HE wiped out and I captured the whole thing on video?!”  I would feel bad, but he had the same thought.

Thursday, 1:50 pm ET:  The exploration continues, as we run into some very INTERESTING fans including ‘Rocky’ the Broncos Leprechaun. You might just see him on the news tomorrow night.  We also ran into the Seahawks SuperFans.  They were loud and energetic – great for television purposes.

SIDEBAR:  When the sun was out, it was actually pretty nice – definitely the warmest that it’s been.  In the shade? #FuggedAboutIt

Our afternoon continued:  run into fans, interview them, and then break the news that it won’t be shown on ESPN (most people probably get thrown off by the 700ESPN – sorry about that).  In fact, it’s crazy.  Everywhere you turn, there’s a video camera and the first question is always, “Who ya with?!” 

Thursday, late afternoonish, ET:  Produce, edit, struggle with internet connection, yell at internet connection, repeat.

Thursday, evening’ish, ET:  With the sun having gone down, Super Bowl Boulevard has even MORE energy, lit up by the bright lights of Times Square.  After getting through our 5pm PT and 6pm PT, we run into Richard Sherman’s family.  We got to do an interview with them – look for that on Friday both on 700 ESPN and on KXLY-TV – very nice people, who are very excited about Sunday’s game.

Also, we quizzed a few fans on the street.  Osso asked two young women if ‘Keith Osso plays for the Seahawks.’  The answer? “No, but my dog’s name is Osso!” #OssoSitOssoStay

Friday’s outlook:  We’ll have a lot more interaction with the fans, plus a closer look at the game itself.  It is, afterall, for the Lombardi trophy.