Blogging from SB48: Monday morning with Giles and Osso

Blogging from SB48:  Monday morning with Giles and Osso

Good morning from the east coast!

Super Bowl week is officially underway here in New York City.  I thought I’d share some of our travel over the last 24 hours, which has been quite the whirlwind.

Sunday, 6 a.m. PT – Met with Keith Osso at KXLY / 700 ESPN headquarters. Loaded up with about 300 pounds of gear/luggage, and climbed aboard a flight to Seattle.

Sunday, 9:45 am PT –  Argued with Keith Osso about how ridiculous it is that SeaTac doesn’t have a certain cable sports channel in any of their sports bars (disregard why we were at a sports bar at 9:45 am on a Sunday morning), which prevented me from watching my childhood college basketball team.

Sunday, noonish PT –  Boarded our flight, which was only about 33% full.  We each had our own row (7 seats across) – THAT’S HOW YOU FLY ACROSS COUNTRY.  An on-board electronic trivia game may have been played, Osso may have one, and if you believe that, then you’ll have no problem believing that he cheated.

Sunday, 8:00 pm ET – Landed in NYC, made the 2-mile walk from the terminal to the baggage claim, and picked up the rest of our 300 lbs of gear/luggage.  We were asked repeatedly if we wanted a ride from the airport from non-affiliated livery companies.  Childhood training of “stranger/danger” and urban living led to us waiting in line for a traditional cab.

Sunday, 9:00 pm ET – Thank goodness we didn’t rent a car – quickly reminded of how miserable it is to drive through NYC.

Sunday, 11:00 pm ET – Finally ate dinner – first meal since arguing about a certain sports cable channel.  Enjoyed some solid eats at “Dallas BBQ” in Times Square (about four blocks from our hotel).

Monday, 1:00 am ET – Produced this quick video of our travels, which we shot with a GoPro:  “Osso and Giles Pack Up and Head To New York”  (edited by Osso)

Monday, 9:00 am ET – Discovered this magical place they call the Super Bowl Media Center.  It houses radio row, media lounges, media work rooms, and about hundreds (maybe thousands) of people working the events this week.

Sighted many celebrities, and among them were:  John Clayton (ESPN), Mike Florio (Profootballtalk), Chris Myers (fox), former Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck (who appeared to be with Myers and fox).  Obviously a ton of Seattle and Denver media, plenty of national media, and even some media overseas (Osso did a radio interview with @AllNightApp from Australia – he refrained from attempting an Australian accent).

Up Next – We’re heading to New Jersey for the first time to check out what the Seahawks have to say on Day 2 of their stay.

Giles and Osso Day 1 video

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