Blogging from SB48: Monday evening with Giles & Osso

Blogging from SB48:  Monday evening with Giles & Osso

The first full day of Super Bowl week is pretty much in the books here in NYC.  If you missed our blog from earlier in the day, we recapped Sunday’s travels and Monday morning’s activities.  So we’ll pick it up from there…

Monday, 12:30 pm ET:  I realize that the vending machine int he media workroom is actually free.  You push a button, and gives you a soda/bottle water for FREE.  It’s the coolest vending machine in the world.  Except there’s no food in it.

Monday, 12:45 pm ET:  We boarded a coach bus, which took us from the media hotel in Midtown Manhattan to the Seahawks team hotel (The Westin in Jersey City, NJ). 

Monday, 1:15 pm ET:  We arrived at the team hotel, where our third bag-check of the day occurred.  At this point, the security at the team hotel was the most strict.  Which makes sense, since the team is staying there.  They only allow limited access to the building itself, and I got eye-balled pretty hard by a security guard while making the trek from the press conference room to the bathroom.

Also, walked by John Schneider (Seahawks GM) who was asked how busy his week/day was going.  Schneider’s response, with a smile:  “BUSY”.  Makes sense, the dude is arguably the best executive in the NFL and probably NEVER stops working.

Monday, 1:45 pm ET:  What seemed like a manageable collection of media QUADRUPLED when the Broncos media session ended.  They lucked out because the Pete Carroll and the six Seahawks players were running late.

Monday, 2:30 pm ET:  Pete Carroll arrives, has to weave his way through the crowd just to get to the podium, and then cracks a joke about how thrilled the team is to be in New Jersey (this explains the joke).

Monday, 2:55ish pm ET:  Six players enter the room, and sit down at individual podiums.  They are:  Kam Chancellor (safety), Michael Bennet (D-Line), Golden Tate (WR), Russell Okung (O-Line), Zach Miller (TE), and Michael Robinson.

Monday, 2:56 pm ET:  Michael Robinson answers questions about his health issues at the beginning of the season.

Monday, 2:59 pm ET:  Michael Robinson answers questions, again, about his health issues at the beginning of the season.

There were probably 30-40 media members surrounding Robinson, and each player, with reporters bouncing around at will.  So a lot of questions got asked more than once, and a lot of question were also repeated because it was so difficult to hear. 

The event turned into a “mini-Media Day”.  Zach Miller was asked what his favorite movie was (“Remember the Titans”), Pete Carroll was asked about Macklemore and The Grammy’s, and Michael Robinson was asked about marijuana.  Oh yeah, they also talked a little bit about football. 

Seattle practiced for the first time since flying over last night.  Because of the field conditions, they were forced to practice inside.  While that might not be ideal, the players said they’re used to practicing inside so it really wasn’t a big deal.

Monday, 3:30ish pm ET:  After the frenzy, a large group of hot, sweaty media members boarded a crowded bus.  Once again, we followed a police escort back to the media hotel.  Osso is convinced “John McClane” from Diehard fits into this equation somehow, to which I just shrug because John McClane hit theaters when I was 2 years old.

Monday, 4:30 pm ET:  Another bag check upon arriving at the media hotel, followed by talking in front of a camera and editing video.  

Monday, 6:00 pm ET:  More talking in front of a camera, this time the video blog.  Osso loves EWU shirts.

Monday, 7:35 pm ET:  Video is still uploading to youtube.  Starvation and fatigue are taking over.  Still waiting on youtube.

Monday, 8:30 pm – Tuesday morning:  Mentally preparing for what promises to be a very eventful media day at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ.

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