Blogging from SB48: Everybody is SOMEbody on Friday

Blogging from SB48:  Everybody is SOMEbody on Friday

Seahawks fans

Seriously, everybody IS somebody the Friday before the Super Bowl on radio row.  It’s surreal to think that I’d be able to nonchalantly walk by Champ Kind without yelling Whammy! 

Friday morning:  Despite sleeping in a bit, we’re both dragging.  The week caught up with us on Tuesday, and now it’s just beating us into the ground.

Friday, 12:30 pm ET:  810 Deli & Café is across the street from the media headquarters.  It’s pretty fantastic.  In fact, delis in general are amazing.  I don’t understand why other cities haven’t adopted the concept.  They’re open 24 hours, they have hot food to go, sandwiches, pizza, deserts, ice cream/frozen yogurt, and basically anything else you can find at a convenient store. #JeliOfYourDeli

Friday, 1:00 pm ET:  We pick up our credentials for Sunday’s game.  It’s official, they’ve agreed to let us inside MetLife stadium.  #STOKED

Friday, 1:15 pm ET:  Just walked by Andre, Kevin and Jenny from The League, which is a show on FXX about degenerate friends who play fantasy football.  It’s probably a top-5 show for me right now. 

Friday, 1:30 pm ET:  First look at radio row and the place is jam-packed.  It’s almost impossible to move around.  Jennifer Garner was doing an interview, likely promoting her upcoming movie with co-star Kevin Costner, “The Draft” which is about the NFL Draft, I presume.  Both movie stars actually held a press conference later in the afternoon to talk about the movie.

Friday, 2:00 pm ET:  Because we’re getting a little loopy, we manage to forget a few essential things.  “We forgot a P2 card, the lap-top charger… OUR PETS HEADS ARE FALLING OFF.”  By the way, the media workroom is also as packed as we’ve seen it. 

Friday, 2:30 pm ET:  Round two of radio row walk-arounds.  Again, I see the cast of The League, then stalk them into the media lounge and request a picture.  Not sure what it says about me that THIS was the first celebrity picture I’ve taken so far this week. #NotAshamed

Friday, 3:00 pm ET:  Someone jokingly says behind me that they got a picture of Jennifer Garner’s wardrobe malfunction.  I immediately regret not going to the press conference.  Turns out he was joking.  I still regret not going.

Friday, 3:30 pm ET:  Looking for reasons to leave the media workroom to walk back down radio row. 

Friday, 3:35 pm ET:  Leave media workroom to lay down a track for a pkg (biz talk).  Guess I’ll have to do it on radio row. 

Friday, 3:40 pm ET:  Great Odin’s Raven!  Just walked by ‘Champ Kind’ from Anchor Man.  Whammy!  That dude’s tall.

Friday, 4:30 pm ET:  Jennifer Garner continues to be a hot topic for the old-guy media members in the workroom.  That Ben Affleck is a lucky guy.

Friday, 5:30 pm ET:  We bid farewell to the media center (almost teared up).

Friday, 5:40 pm ET:  The streets of Times Square are absolutely packed full of fans.  And then you also have the people who don’t give a rip about the Super Bowl and are just trying to leave work and get home.  Either way, organized mass chaos.

Friday, 6:15 pm ET:  I spot minions (Despicable Me).  I want a picture.  Osso’s not willing to slow down. He’s a villain.

Friday, later tonight:  Heading to Brooklyn for a nice steak dinner.