Blogging from SB 48: recapping Wednesday’s media session

Blogging from SB 48:  recapping Wednesday’s media session

Tom Giles as Pete Carroll vo

We’re just five days away from Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium, and it’s starting to feel more like a football game than an event.

The Seahawks held another media session this morning at the team hotel in Jersey City, NJ.  Marshawn Lynch seems to be the hot topic nationally, but aside from that, we actually had some relevant conversations about Sunday’s game.

Wednesday, 7:30 am ET:  Too early, again (I mean, it’s 4:30 am PT, and sports guys aren’t morning people).

Wednesday, 8:30 am ET:  After a BRISK walk to the media hotel, we shuttle to Jersey City for a more focused media day at the Seahawks hotel.  Upon arrival – you’ll never believe this – a bag-check.  I’m not complaining.  I understand the need for such high security. 

Wednesday, 9:15 am ET:  A handful of media members locate Marshawn Lynch’s nameplate at a table in a narrow hallway.  They immediately set up their tripods because they know how much Marshawn Loves speaking to the media. 

Wednesday, 9:20 am ET:  They are providing us with breakfast (sort of)!  Fruit, muffins, bagels, coffee, juice?!  Eat as much as you can – might be the only meal for the next eight hours.

Wednesday, 10:00 am ET: The group of media set up for Marshawn Lynch has grown to about 30 people… and there’s no guarantee he’ll even show up.  I ask one of the photographers, “Who’s this Mars-hawn guy that everyone’s lining up for [laugh]?”  His response:  “It’s Marshawn Lynch… he’s the running back for the Seattle Seahawks.” … #ToughCrowd #SeriousBusiness #ThatGilesGuyDoesntKnowWhoMarshawnLynchIs

Wednesday, 10:15 am ET:  Pete Carroll emerges and takes the main stage podium.  For the 30th time, he’s asked how his NCAA championship experience will help with this week’s Super Bowl. #smh

Wednesday, 10:30 am ET:  First-tier players come out and take their respective podiums.

Wednesday, 10:35 am ET:  The rest of the team comes out to talk to the media, including Marshawn Lynch.  He sits at his spot, answers six minutes worth of questions and is aided by fullback Michael Robinson.  MikeRob lightens things up by answering questions for Marshawn.  #Teammates

Meanwhile, the rest of the team is about as available as you’ll ever see them.  We got one-on-one interviews with a bunch of players, who seemed to be enjoying the experience of Super Bowl week.

One knuckle-head reporter continues the spirit of Media Day by asking Max Unger about his beard just so he can talk about his own beard.  Apparently his station (internationally) forced him into a bet involving the beard and the outcome of Sunday’s game.  I’d give you the details, but I feel like we’ve already wasted too much time on the topic.

Wednesday, 11:15 am ET:  The media session ends, for the most part, with the exception of Richard Sherman, who continues to attract a large group of reporters and a lot of weird questions/requests. 

Wednesday, 11:45 am ET:  The media bus is so hot that Osso nearly passes out again.  #DidntSaveHimASeatForAReason

Wednesday, 12:30 pm ET:  For the first time since high school, I feel like I didn’t do my French homework.  During our unusually long ride home, someone on the bus decided to have an extremely loud phone conversation or phone interview in a foreign language that I’m convince is French (he answered the phone with ‘bonjour’).  I took four years of French.  ‘Bonjour’ was the only word I recognized, and at first I’m ashamed, but soon realize that it will be easier to block out ‘Mr. Yells-On-The-Crowded-Bus’ because I don’t understand what he’s saying.

Wednesday, 1:00 pm ET:  We finally arrive back at the media hotel just in time for a bag-check.  The plan is to produce/write/edit everything we need for the evening’s newscasts.

Wednesday, 1:05 pm ET:  Rumblings about Marshawn Lynch’s interview, followed by national reports on Marshawn’s interview.  For anyone that’s covered the Seahawks throughout the entire season, Marshawn’s interviews are nothing new.  I remember him doing maybe one interview during the regular season, and it was pretty short.  He seems very uncomfortable in front of the media and its probably not going to change anytime soon.  The only difference is that the national media is eating it up. 

Seems to me like the two biggest stories surrounding the Seahawks over the last week and a half were Richard Sherman’s postgame comments and Marshawn Lynch’s lack of comments.  Both are open to interpretation, but neither seem to be going in favor of the Seahawks. 

In case you haven’t figured this out:  “THE SEAHAWKS ARE THE BAD GUYS!” – national media.

Wednesday, 3:00 pm ET:   Radio-row is absolutely jumping.  The place is packed.  Not only are fans starting to arrive in NYC but more and more media/celebrities/players are just getting in.

Wednesday, 5:00 pm ET:  Osso convinces me that we need to go to “Hello Deli” to see some guy named “Rupert Jee”.  Osso asks for a picture, but doesn’t buy anything. #Rude #HeFeltBad    He also had his picture taken in front of the “David Letterman” sign.  #WhatATourist

Wednesday, 6:00 pm ET:  We end up eating at some other deli around the corner.  There’s literally a deli on every corner and they’re pretty awesome, so I’m not complaining.

Wednesday, 7:00 pm ET:  Ready for bed.

Thursday, TBA:  Searching for Seahawks fans in Times Square.