BLM pays out reward in Black Cliffs graffiti case

BLM pays out reward in Black Cliffs graffiti case

The Bureau of Land Management recently paid out a reward to a citizen whose tip helped identify the person responsible for the March 2017 graffiti in the Black Cliffs area, a popular climbing spot located on BLM-managed public lands along Highway 21 near Warm Springs Avenue in Boise.

The citizen came forward with information that assisted the prosecution by the Ada County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. In doing so, this individual also collected a $1,000 reward that was offered by the BLM.

“This is the first reward claim we’ve had with BLM Idaho in thirteen years,” said Boise District Supervisory Law Enforcement Officer Stan Buchanan. “We believe the awarded played a direct role in providing us with critical information for this case.”

“We are grateful for the help of concerned citizens who share our goal of good stewardship on public lands. We also want to thank the Ada County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and Boise Police Department for their support and hard work on the case,” said Buchanan.

The defendant agreed to pay $5,030 in restitution costs, with criminal penalties deferred. This included the cost to remove the graffiti, minus labor costs for BLM personnel. The graffiti was removed on Oct. 11, 2017.

Citizens who see graffiti or witness trash being dumped on public lands are asked to call BLM Law Enforcement at (208) 384-3333 with information.