Blessings Under the Bridge finds new home for headquarters

After rent at their current location rose to a level they could no longer afford, Blessings Under the Bridge founder Jessica Kovac was forced to find a new location for her headquarters within 60 days.

It was not an easy hunt to find an affordable location that could serve as both storage for toiletries, clothing and the other supplies the non-profit hands out to Spokane’s folks in need, but also come with space for an industrial sized kitchen and walk-in refrigerator, for the food they prepare for Spokane’s homeless, but after a number of stressful weeks, they have found a place.

They will be renting the old music room at Valley Christian School, the former University High School.

“Its a beautiful thing and we are excited,” said Kelly Kiki, who has been with the non-profit for 10-years. “We now have quite the space, the kitchen is literally three times the size of our current one.”

The space will serve as their main location administratively, but not as the location they serve at. That will remain underneath the I-90 bridge near downtown Spokane.

“It was getting really scary for us not knowing what we were going to do,” said founder Jessica Kovac, “then this blessing came out of nowhere, totally unexpected.”

She says it started out as a call from the Principal at Valley Christian looking for student opportunities and has resulted in something way better and mutually beneficial.

The proximity with the school will allow students looking to learn more about non-profit work to volunteer.

“The opportunities are endless and we are excited to have the young people so near on campus,” said Kiki.

He says they hope to be all moved into the new space by the latest June 1, and are looking for all the help they can get with moving expenses and volunteer work.

For more information on the non-profit click here.