Blaze Pizza celebrates Pi Day with discounted pizzas

Blaze Pizza celebrates Pi Day with discounted pizzas
Blaze Pizza

This Thursday is Pi Day and Blaze Pizza will be celebrating it in a very special way.

Every year on March 14, people around the world celebrate Pi Day in honor of the famous irrational number 3.1415…and so on.

For the sixth year in a row, Blaze Pizza will be offering $3.14 whole pizzas all day at its Spokane location as well as its other restaurants across the country.

This year’s special deal is open to anyone who has the Blaze Pizza app. Blaze app users will receive a special Pi Day reward in their account, but it will be “locked” and not yet available for use until March 14.

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Are you ready? #BlazePiDay is coming… Download the Blaze Pizza app before 3/14 to get a special Pi Day reward sent to your account before the Pi Day party starts! (One per person, in-restaurant only, at participating locations).

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“Math gives us a blueprint to solve a problem, whether simple or complex. It’s with that same spirit that Blaze Pizza was founded: to solve the important problem of how to get an insanely great, scratch-made pizza that’s both fast and affordable,” said Jim Mizes, president and CEO. “This year, we calculated that we will serve more than a quarter million pizzas at $3.14. We look forward to having Blaze fans across the US and Canada come in to celebrate with us.”

All Blaze Pizza locations are participating except sites at Disney Springs, Houston Airport, Los Angeles’ Staples Center, George-Mason University and UCLA.

The Pi Day celebration will extend to Blaze Pizza’s international restaurants as well, with each country outside of the US and Canada using their own local approach to celebrate this unconventional math holiday.

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