Black ice sends car tumbling upside-down into a creek, rescue crews bring driver to safety

Roads were temporarily closed at Hazard and Dalton after a car slid off the roadway, landing upside-down in a creek bed.

A witness described the car heading eastbound at about 10 a.m., before crossing over a patch of black ice, causing the driver to lose control, fishtail and slide off the south side of the road.

The car rolled down a ten-foot embankment and landed upside-down in a creek, trapping the driver inside.

First responders arrived after at least an hour, and had to break the window to retrieve the driver, who suffered only minor injuries, with some bruising on her legs and ribs.

The road was reopened after they shuttled the driver to Sacred Heart, and a towing company is currently working to remove the car from the creek bed.