Black Diamond Bar plans ‘something big’ for Saturday, despite being cited for early opening

SPOKANE, Wash. — A Spokane Valley bar is the first in the state to be cited for violating Governor Inslee’s order to stay closed. 

On Wednesday, officers with the Liquor and Cannabis Board visited the Black Diamond Bar and found it was still open, despite a warning from the state days earlier. 

Customers seemed confused when the bar was closed again Thursday. At the door, a letter saying the bar paid the $500 fine to the Liquor Control Board and decided to close- claiming its staff needed a rest, and doors would be open again on Friday. 

Hours later, a message on Facebook from the bar said it won’t reopen Friday- not because of the Liquor Control Board, but because it needs a extra day for something ‘big’ it has planned Saturday. 

“We have been out to restaurants and bars all the way across the state and there has been a steady flow of complaints that have come in,” said Brian Smith, spokesperson with the Washington Liquor and Cannabis Board. 

Roughly 1,300 since the stay home order began, according to Smith. The state has given violators a warning, including Black Diamond. 

“Went out to the Black Diamond yesterday, there were still 40-50 patrons within the bar and they had already been warned and talked to before,” said Smith. 

That’s why they were cited on Wednesday. 

Come Saturday, if they do open against the Governor’s order and the Liquor and Cannabis Board responds, the bar could be forced to close for five days. The owner could also lose his business license for up to half a year.

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