Bitter cold no match for dog owners

The bitter cold kept most from doing anything outdoors Monday except for one group of loyal companions. You could not find a spot in the Spokanimal’s Dog Park parking lot, and turns out most dog owners didn’t even need to be there.

“We have a yard but I feel like they are both very high energy,” said dog owner Mariah Brooks. “They are only about a year-and-a-half old and they need a lot more exercise than they can get being at home and in the yard playing with each other.”

“I’m here because my dog has a lot of energy and I work a lot so this works for him because it runs off his energy, something he really needs,” said dog owner Jaime Deleo.

Jaime says visits to the park with Willoughby have become routine, spending about an hour there each day. They’ve gotten used to the cold weather and freezing temperatures don’t phase them.

“It will never stop him because he has a lot of energy and running it out is his best option,” shared Deleo.

Sisters Mariah and Chelsea also never fear the cold when it comes to their twin pups Bjorn and Bowman.

“They are hunting dogs, they are water dogs,” said Mariah. “They are meant to go in to the water when it’s actually freezing outside.”

For them it’s another story. They aren’t made for the cold.

Chelsea Updegrove explained, “I have boots with traction, I have jeans that are extra big so I can wear my undersilk long johns, and then I have three shirts, a sweatshirt and a very cozy jacket and of course a hat.”

To see their dogs having such a blast, they’d add twenty more layers.

If the temperatures continue to dip over the next few days, trips to park will rely on thing.

“Will it be sunny out? Cause if it’s sunny, I will be out,” said Chelsea.