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Weekend Meteorologist

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Meteorologist Matt Gray brings you the forecast each weekend on 4 News Now, along with stories about how weather and climate impact all of us in the Inland Northwest.

Matt began his career just down I-90 in Missoula, Montana shortly after graduating with a B.S. in Meteorology from Florida State University. Matt returned home to Florida in 2017 and immediately ended up covering the state’s first major hurricane landfall in over a decade. Now after covering a few active hurricane seasons, Matt is excited to forecast for the regular four seasons instead here in Eastern Washington and North Idaho.

When Matt isn’t talking weather, he’s spending time hiking in the summer, skiing in the winter, watching sports, and finding good local food (and local beer) to try.


Large western fires hurt local air quality

Amazing Labor Day weather, minus the haze – Matt

Smoke, sunshine, and warm temperatures on Sunday – Matt

Recent clear weather spawns “monster” dust devils in Washington

What you should know about the incredible scale of Ida’s flooding in the Northeast

Summer 2021 was the hottest in Spokane, ever

Spokane is among hundreds of places around the United States that had their hottest summer ever in 2021.

Fire weather on Monday, then cooling off – Matt

After a warm summer weekend we'll be quickly going back to cool, fall-like weather this week.

Sunday will be the warmest day in weeks – Matt

After a long cool stretch, it will feel like summer to end the weekend.

Drying out, getting sunny heading into the weekend

The overnight rain in Spokane was the best chance we'll have for a while to get some rain

Clouds, but not much rain in the forecast – Matt

The clouds rolled in overnight and will be sticking around on Thursday and Friday.

Cloudy Thursday, showers in the mountains tonight – Matt

The clouds rolled in overnight and will be sticking around on Thursday and Friday.

Warmer today before clouds roll in -Matt

The cooler weather is ending for now around the Inland Northwest.

Warm and sunny today before some changes – Matt

It will be a far more mild day for temperatures than what we've had so far this week.

Staying on the cool side in the days ahead – Matt

We're warming up, but only a little bit

Warmer the rest of the week after a chilly morning – Matt

It's going to be a beautiful day!

A chill in the air to start the week -Matt

We've seen some cooler weather lately, and we'll be even cooler in the morning.

Rain fades away, windy to finish up the weekend -Matt

After a windy day tomorrow a stretch of cool and comfortable weather lies ahead.

Rain and storms move in tonight – Matt

It will be wet to start the weekend

Rain chances rising into the weekend – Matt

Our second chance for rain this week!

Warmer today, rain comes back Friday – Matt

Another chance for desperately needed precipitation

Cool and clear Wednesday with more nice weather to come – Matt

It's one of the better weather days we've had in a while.

Pleasant Wednesday ahead, some showers linger – Matt

Cool weather is keeping smoke contained for now

Thunderstorms, high winds, and more smoke tonight – Matt

A storm moving through the region is giving us a big cool down

Rain, wind and more smoke on a cool Tuesday – Matt

It's a busy day of weather around the Inland NW

Windy start to the week, rain and storms Tuesday – Matt

Cooler weather is coming, and it's bringing some rain with it.

Spokane sets new weather record for 90 degree days

2021 now has the most days at 90 or above in the history of the city

More smoke, fire weather on Sunday – Matt

The smoke isn't going anywhere yet

Hot and smoky weekend, but then some relief – Matt

Not much smoke relief on Friday – Matt

Spokane forecast to break 63 year heat record this weekend

The most 90 degree-plus days in the history of the city

Italian city hits over 119 degrees, breaks European record

The record reading now waits for official acceptance by the World Meteorological Organization

What the new climate change report says about the Northwest

Climate change impacts to the western U.S. were laid out Monday

Fall-like temperatures tonight but more triple digit heat in the forecast

Enjoy the cool temperatures on Monday morning before another round of hot weather starts later this week - Matt Gray

Cool temperatures and a chance of rain Sunday

A cold front sweeping across the Northwest will keep conditions breezy and cool for the rest of the weekend.

Recent lightning could lead to more fires next week

An electric week of lightning across the Pacific Northwest led to many new wildfires and could lead to more next week.

Dixie Fire blots out Spokane sunshine

The Inland Northwest woke up to a blood-orange sunrise on Thursday

Drought leads to one of Hawaii’s largest ever wildfires

It's not just the Pacific Northwest dealing with the effects of drought this summer

Central Washington wildfire makes its own thunderstorm