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Chief Meteorologist Kris Crocker brings you the 4 News Now Forecast Focus every weeknight on 4 News Now at 5, 6 and 11.

Kris’ dedication to providing you with the most accurate weather forecasts in the Inland Northwest has been recognized with five Emmy nominations, and Kris proudly displays the coveted Seal of Approval from both the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Association. Kris completed the Broadcast Meteorology program at Mississippi State University and earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in journalism and communications at Oklahoma State University.

It was in her hometown of Idaho Falls, Idaho where Kris started her weather career in 1993. She’s also worked at television stations in Lansing and Flint, Michigan.

Kris and her husband, Jerry, have three daughters: Sophie, Danielle and Gabrielle. They also share their home with several cats and dogs, including a 160 pound Leonberger named Hammy, who makes regular appearances on the news with Kris.  The Crockers love to take advantage of the many outdoor activities in the Inland Northwest, but they especially like to ski, snowboard, run, and golf.

In the community, Kris has played violin with the Spokane Falls Community Orchestra, is an avid Spokane Symphony goer, and is a member of the Spokane Symphony Associates. She is an active fundraiser for many local charity organizations, and is the driving force behind 4 News Now’s Coats 4 Kids campaign.


Weather will settle down this evening for a COLD night

Bring back your sweatshirt for a MUCH cooler Friday forecast - Kris

One quick spike into the 80s, and then a BIG cool-down in the forecast - Kris

Summers are getting hotter and drier in the Inland Northwest. Newly released "normals" show how our local climate is changing

Find your shorts and sandals! We're heading into the 80s this week! - Kris

Warm, sunny and very, very dry - Kris

A dry start to May makes for a pretty nice weekend - Kris

Cooling back down to average for the weekend - Kris

Warm, dry weather on the way for Thursday, but there are changes in the weather by the weekend - Kris

Getting warmer in the forecast, but not necessarily sunnier - Kris

Clearing skies and a warming trend in the forecast - Kris

Desperately needed rain on the way for the weekend, but first, a beautiful Friday

Showers and isolated thunderstorms for Thursday, needed rain for the weekend -Kris

Sunny, warm Wednesday and then signs of April showers in the forecast - Kris

Warm and sunny through Wednesday, and then some NEEDED rain in the forecast - Kris

A sunny, warm start to the weekend, but it ends with gusty winds Sunday afternoon- Kris

Despite what you might think, it has not been getting windier in Spokane. It might even be the opposite!

Sunny and 70s for the weekend! - Kris

No sign of "April Showers" in a warm, breezy Thursday forecast - Kris

A little calmer, a little warmer, a little nicer for Wednesday -Kris

Dry, windy and dusty weather for Tuesday -Kris

A quick break between cold fronts on Friday -Kris

Breezy and cool for a few days -Kris

Breezy and dusty weather on the way for Wednesday afternoon -Kris

More sunshine for Tuesday, and then a mid-week change to breezy, cool and dusty weather -Kris

Jackets in the morning, sunglasses in the afternoon on Wednesday -Kris

Prepare for a chilly Tuesday morning, and then shed your coat and grab your shades -Kris

STRONG DAMAGING WINDS LIKELY: Downed trees, power outages, blowing dust expected this afternoon and evening -Kris

Sunday windstorm: what you need to know -Kris

HIGH WIND WARNING - a powerful storm for the second-half of the weekend -Kris

A spectacularly sunny Friday and Saturday followed by a Sunday evening wind storm -Kris

Chilly rain and snow tonight, but spring returns in the forecast -Kris

So much for the sun! A wintry start to Wednesday -Kris

A one-day break from the wet spring weather -Kris

Evening thunderstorms bring lightning, heavy rain, hail and graupel to the evening commute -Kris

Spring starts tomorrow! Cue the showers and breezy winds -Kris

Showers tonight. Cooler, breezier weather on the way for Friday -Kris

Cooler, showery, breezy weather will interrupt our run of pretty spring days -Kris

Our weather luck will hold out for a warm, sunny St. Patrick's Day