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Chief Meteorologist Kris Crocker brings you the 4 News Now Forecast Focus every weeknight on 4 News Now at 5, 6 and 11.

Kris’ dedication to providing you with the most accurate weather forecasts in the Inland Northwest has been recognized with five Emmy nominations, and Kris proudly displays the coveted Seal of Approval from both the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Association. Kris completed the Broadcast Meteorology program at Mississippi State University and earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in journalism and communications at Oklahoma State University.

It was in her hometown of Idaho Falls, Idaho where Kris started her weather career in 1993. She’s also worked at television stations in Lansing and Flint, Michigan.

Kris and her husband, Jerry, have three daughters: Sophie, Danielle and Gabrielle. They also share their home with several cats and dogs, including a 160 pound Leonberger named Hammy, who makes regular appearances on the news with Kris.  The Crockers love to take advantage of the many outdoor activities in the Inland Northwest, but they especially like to ski, snowboard, run, and golf.

In the community, Kris has played violin with the Spokane Falls Community Orchestra, is an avid Spokane Symphony goer, and is a member of the Spokane Symphony Associates. She is an active fundraiser for many local charity organizations, and is the driving force behind 4 News Now’s Coats 4 Kids campaign.


4th of July weather worth celebrating! -Kris

A couple of days late, but July weather finally arrives for the weekend -Kris

Shorts weather is back in the forecast -Kris

Feeling like the last day of April on the first day of July! -Kris

Cool, showery start to July, but the 4th is looking GOOD! -Kris

Cooler, and eventually wetter weather for the weekend -Kris

Warming up for Friday, just in time for a slide into a cooler, showery weekend -Kris

The perfect summer day in your Thursday forecast -Kris

Almost as warm, but not quite as sunny for Wednesday -Kris

The warm, sunny summer weather you've been waiting for -Kris

Summer starts this weekend! But it will feel more like spring -Kris

The last day of spring will give us a preview of warm, summer weather

The thunderstorms are moving out, and warm, sunny weather is moving in for Thursday! -Kris

Warmer for Wednesday, but we're not quite done with the showers -Kris

Cool and showery for Tuesday, but there are signs of summer in the forecast -Kris

Warming up just in time to cool down again -Kris

Warmer, drier weather for Wednesday, but it won't be around long -Kris

No sign of summer in the Tuesday forecast! -Kris

The rain will end just in time for some Saturday yardwork -Kris

Cool, breezy and showery weather moving in for the weekend -Kris

Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts! Changes coming for the weekend -Kris

The sunshine returns for a beautiful Wednesday -Kris

Goldilocks forecast: not too hot, not too cold, just right in the 70s -Kris


Hot and stormy Saturday -Kris

Potentially severe thunderstorms expected Saturday evening

HOT STUFF: after only one day in the 80s, we're bracing for the 90s!

The warming trend continues... for now. -Kris

Warm, sunny and summery weather on the way this week! -Kris

Temperatures jump into the 80s this week! -Kris

Sunshine and showers in the Memorial Day Weekend forecast

I can see the warm, sunny weather from here but first, more wind and light rain -Kris

The rain dies down as the winds pick up for Thursday -Kris

Steady, soaking rain on the way for a WET Wednesday -Kris

Fewer thunderstorms, but a lot more rain in the forecast -Kris

Front-load your weekend with outside activities: showers move in Sunday -Kris

A lot more showers and ONE dry day in the forecast -Kris

A mix of showers and sun for Thursday -Kris

Every drop is sacred: more of the showers we need in the forecast -Kris

A rainy Tuesday will be perfect for an indoorsy day -Kris

Spring weather blossoms for Mothers Day Weekend -Kris