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Esther Bower joined the 4 News Now team in January 2021 as a Reporter and Multi-Media Journalist. She grew up in Indiana and feels so blessed to see more of America calling Spokane home.

Esther attended college at Ball State University where she studied Journalism, Telecommunications and Dance. She also spent time studying Video & Broadcast Journalism at Northwestern University in Chicago before moving to Spokane for the opportunity to launch her dream career. While in school, she was actively involved in her college’s live newscasts, dance productions and on-campus mentoring opportunities.

She loves journalism because it allows her the chance to share the heartbeat of humanity through video storytelling. She believes everyone has a story and feels honored to serve society through storytelling and impactful reporting. It brings her nothing but joy to showcase what makes life special, unique and meaningful. She loves highlighting the good in the world and is always interested in sharing stories that harbor hope and connect communities. Send her any and all story ideas!

In her free time, Esther loves working out (running is her favorite!), immersing herself in the performing arts, trying new (spicy) foods and deepening her relationship with Jesus Christ. Her faith is the cornerstone and most important aspect of her life, and she always seeks to share the Good News of salvation with anyone.

Feel free to connect with Esther on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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