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The smell of diesel fuel, fresh cut grass and sawdust immediately takes me back. Back to summers on the soccer field, weekends building forts in the backyard trees with my brothers and the smell of my dad’s uniform when he came home from work.

Having three brothers meant there was always someone there to point out when you were being a brat and it meant we were always trying to show off for each other. That’s probably where I get my competitiveness.

It’s easy to use the phrase, ‘When we were kids,’ but honestly, when I was a kid, during the summer, my mom would tell us we weren’t allowed inside the house until dinner. We’d ride bikes to the creek, make fake swords out of wood and invent games to play. When we were kids, I won’t tell you how long ago that was, you got creative or you got bored.

Ahh, the smell of diesel and grease, don’t forget that. I said it earlier, I’ll say it again. It takes me back.
My dad worked as a mechanic for Mack Trucks and you could smell that sharp, oily, mechanical smell when he walked in the door. He showed me what it was to work.

Each memory played a part in my life and continues to do so.

From my first job in Grand Junction making $7.50 an hour, doing almost every job in the newsroom, to Spokane and a chance to do weekend weather and on to Seattle as a multi-media journalist, news has been the most reward career I never imagined I’d be doing. Now I can’t imagine doing anything else, especially in a city like Spokane. Anchoring the Nightside at 11 p.m. for 4 News Now gives me the opportunity to connect with the viewers and people in our community, while still being able to do something I love, telling stories.

For me news is and always will be about bringing people together, whether that’s over a pile of saw dust, behind a lawn mower or advice given under the hood of a broken down car.


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