Big potholes damaging cars across Spokane County

Big potholes damaging cars across Spokane County

As we head into spring, potholes are sprouting like dandelions. The constant freezing and thawing of our roads is leaving crumbling pavement behind, and those craters can seriously damage your car.

Spokane County resident Arsen Djatej hit a big one driving down Bigelow Gulch Road Saturday night.

“That day I was going 35 because the visibility was really, really low, it was wet and this particular road, it curves and it’s dark,” Djatej said.

He didn’t see the pothole coming, but he certainly felt it.

“I was driving down the hill and then all of a sudden I heard two loud booms,” Djatej said.

“We pulled over and then checked the tires and there was major damage to the tires,” DiDi Djatej, Arsen’s daughter, said.

Djatej says several other cars hit the same pothole in the 45 minutes he was waiting for the tow truck.

“By the time my wife came there were three cars with similar issues,” he said.

Spokane County crews were out there within an hour, but until they can fill it with hot asphalt the fix is really just a band-aid.

Djatej’s vehicle has two bent rims and possibly more damage underneath. His insurance company considers his claim a collision, so he’s looking at a hefty $521.75 bill.

The county says this winter has been a challenge and on a good day half of their crews are on pothole duty. Even as they fill one, another likely surfaces somewhere else on these roads.

As far as getting reimbursed for your damage, you only have a fighting chance if someone has already reported the pothole to the city or county. It pays to report big potholes.

The City of Spokane, Spokane County and Spokane Valley have pothole reporting information online.