Better Business Bureau tips to avoid getting scammed when moving

Better Business Bureau tips to avoid getting scammed when moving

National Moving Month might be winding down, but the busiest season for packing up is just beginning. Half of moves happen between the months of June and September.

Last year, the Better Business Bureau received 110,000 inquires about moving in our region and 400 complaints.

To avoid adding another to that list, the Better Business Bureau advises those looking to move to follow a few simple steps before signing on the dotted line with a company.

Moving is like a bad dream with the boxes, packing and heavy lifting. When something goes wrong, it turns in to a nightmare.

It’s what happened to Alex and Marissa Hutchings. When they moved to Spokane last month from Reno, their truckload was untraceable for weeks.

“I’ve called them at least 10 times and every single time i do, they tell me they can’t get a hold of dispatch,” explained Alex.

While their stuff eventually arrived, Debbie Thompson in North Idaho wasn’t as lucky.

The box is there, so you inventory the box in and then when you go to open it later, everything is missing from the box,” she explained after many of her items showed up broken or damaged from being transferred during her move from California. She’s now filed a $15,000 claim against her movers.

Alex says a simple Google search could have saved him weeks worth of headaches-and money.

“I would of realized that this was not a good company to work with,” he added.

The Better Business Bureau agrees. Their own website is also a great resource with reviews, complaints and grades for businesses.

It’s where KXLY 4 News found Dan the Piano Man.

Dan Loibl has owned Dan the Piano Man for 50 years. He works hard to keep his A+ rating on the site, crediting his good standing with the Better Business Bureau to forming a great team and handling every move as if it were in his own home.

“They expect someone to take care of their door frame and their flooring and what have you so when we get in to these situations with extra care, everyone just falls in love with us,” Loibl explained.

The Better Business Bureau also advises to get everything in writing.

“That’s hugely important,” said Tyler Russell, spokesperson for the Better Business Bureau. “Anything you sign, you want to get a copy of. Also, you want to get a copy of the inventory of items you are going to be moving.”

Tyler says another red flag is when a company wants to give you an estimate without ever seeing your stuff.

That’s what happened to Alex and he watched the price tag more than quadruple on his move.

“They charged me for packing and shipping things I was going to pack myself,” he said.

Be sure to additionally get insurance on your items, and leave all valuables– the things that are irreplaceable like photos and family heirlooms– off the truck.