Benefits Of Radio Advertising

— when you compare spot to spot, radio tends to be one of the least expensive media out there. However, one spot isn’t going to do it. To reach your target market, you need to purchase several spots. There are ways to keep your costs in line while reaping the benefits of radio — for instance, buying fewer spots, but running them all in one or two weeks, so your customers are more likely to hear your message.
— if you voice the commercials yourself — hearing your voice makes people feel like they “know” you. (This explains the popularity of audio on websites.  In fact, marketing gurus claim just by adding audio to a site substantially increases how many people buy.)
— You can get your spot up and running in no time.
— Listeners choose stations based on the music or shows they like and they tend to be quite loyal to that station. If you know what your customers enjoy listening to, it is an excellent way to reach them.
Good Support Medium
— Radio works really well when paired with other marketing mediums, like television or Internet.