Behind the scenes: Taking a tour of Riverfront Park construction

A tour of the construction at Riverfront Park shows work left to be done, but also progress well underway on certain features of the new development.

The Howard Street South bridge, completely redone, is finished. The city says it’s now completely outfitted with power, which will allow for more events to be held there.

The new home for the Looff Carousel, which was one of the park’s most popular attractions, features taller ceilings and open glass windows to showcase the carousel’s history. New party rooms in the building can be rented for events, a larger gift shop will host a number of Spokane related items for sale and new bathroom facilities will provide more accessibility. The previous facilities were not up to ADA code, and now a family restroom will be added. Prices for admission will remain at $2 per person- with an option to purchase an all-day ticket for $5.

Crew have also reworked the water source for the rotary fountain. They say they hope to open all three elements- the carousel, the bridge and the fountain by late April or May.

The Pavilion, which remains one of the more heavily discussed elements of the redevelopment, is still a work in progress. The Park Board has design documents that still need to be voted on, but the area has been designated as an event space, with a higher level terrace, to host concerts and other recreational activities.

Parks and Recreation director Leroy Eadie says a part of the construction is working to bring the park environment up to standards that have evolved since some of these park features were introduced for the ’74 Expo. Soil that is not up to standard will be removed. The city is finding ways to recycle the old park- using some of the rubble from demolition to rebuild parts of the new Pavilion landscape.