‘Behind the mural’: Local artist shares story of overcoming adversity

Godfitti draws on a wall.

SPOKANE, Wash. — These murals have become a part of what makes our city so unique. With over 30 of them scattered across Spokane, they’re hard to miss.

From his hands to the way he paints, Daniel Lopez is an artist.

“I was washing dishes and I would just draw. It was kind of what I had to vent and express what was going on with me,” said Lopez.

Lopez, better known as Godfitti, grew up in a poor community in Southern California.

“I’m from the ghetto. There aren’t a lot of opportunities,” Lopez said.

It wasn’t until he moved to Spokane six years ago, that his hobby would turn into a full time job.

“The Boulevard Mercantile was actually my first big painted mural,” said Lopez.

After that project, Lopez began getting requests left and right. He’s since painted over 30 murals across Spokane.

“There’s no time that I would have ever known that I would have been doing this. It’s like a dream come true,” Lopez said.

Although he considers his story a success, he’ll always remember where he came from.

“It keeps me humble. Believe it or not, it keeps me grounded,” said Lopez.

A young man just trying to find his purpose, now leaving his mark wherever he goes.

“It’s the story of an artist. It really is,” said Lopez.

If you’d like to submit a mural request, you can get in touch with Lopez via e-mail at Mr.goingsomewhere@icloud.com. You can also reach him via Instagram at godfitti.