Beeksma Theology Center breaks ground

Beeksma Theology Center breaks ground
The Whitworthian
Illustration courtesy of Forrest Buckner

Whitworth University officially announced a $ 1.5 million chapel expansion last Oct. 25, 2017. The remodeled Seeley Mudd Chapel will become a new home for the theology department, office of church engagement and campus ministries. The money for the expansion was donated by Barney and Joyce Beeksma, and it will be named The Beeksma Family Theology Center.

The new facility will provide a bigger worship space and new offices for the theology department. “The university has been planning to do this renovation,” said Forrest Buckner, dean of spiritual life and campus pastor.

There are going to be three major elements. The first is the addition of offices for the theology department and office of church engagement, next is renovation and update of existing chapel. The goal is to have a new wing for students and faculty to use for meetings, Buckner said. This will also help to clearly distinguish between campus ministry and the academic department of theology. The new renovation will also provide more workable space for the office of church and engagement

Buckner said, the university has been planning for a chapel renovation for several years.

“It’s going to be great for the experience of students who will take theology classes and who are involved in theology, as well as the church engagement. The new offices of church engagement will help Whitworth connect with the broader church community around the world and this has been beneficial to many students,” Buckner said.

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