Bedford, Smith leading in Spokane School Board races

Spokane Public School board candidates 2021

SPOKANE, Wash. — Dr. Melissa Bedford and Riley Smith are currently leading in their respective Spokane School Board races.

Bedford, who is running for position three, leads over her competitor Daryl Geffken. In the first batch of votes, she leads 57.4 percent to Geffken’s 41.98 percent.

In the position four race, Smith is holding a nearly 10 percent lead over Kata Dean. As of Wednesday morning, Smith had 53.9 percent of votes to Deans’ 45.3 percent.

“I wanna reach deeper into the community, you know, I’ve been knocking doors today I was knocking doors for five hours, yesterday maybe seven, but you know, we’ve been out there, and I have met so many people with so many concerns,” Dean said at a watch party.

“Voters really care about care about apprenticeship and different career paths for students, so that we can bring everyone along in this economy they really care about mental health resources and making sure that all of our students are being taken care of in their most basic needs,” Smith said at a watch party.

Smith released the following statement Tuesday night:

“We did it! We launched this campaign in the Spring with one goal in mind: expanding opportunity for all students. I can’t wait to get to work to expand mental health resources for students and staff, and elevate alternate career paths and apprenticeships so – not just A-students — have a path to success.” 


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