Bedford, Geffken likely heading to general election, Dean leads in Spokane School Board race

SPOKANE, Wash. — The first round of primary results are in for the open Spokane School Board positions.

Melissa Bedford and Daryl Geffken, who are running for Director Position 3,  appear to be heading to the general election this November. Bedford leads the race with 42 percent of the vote and Geffken is following behind with 31 percent. Their six competitors trail with single digits percentages.

Meanwhile, it is a bit of a closer race for Director Position 4. Kata Dean leads with 31 percent of votes and Riley Smith follows with 24.5 percent, but is still too early too determine who will be advancing to the general election.

“We are thrilled with what we are seeing and immensely appreciative of all of the support we have received,” Smith said in a release sent Tuesday night. “We launched this campaign with one goal in mind: ensuring our school board is focused on providing opportunity for all students.”

The top two candidates from each race will advance to the November general election. Additional primary results are expected to be recorded in the coming days.

Spokane School District – Director Position No. 3

  • Melissa Bedford WinnerNP 43.2%
  • Daryl Geffken WinnerNP 32.4%
  • Jake Leadingham  NP 7.2%
  • Karina Hernandez  NP 5.7%
  • Kenneth M. Cameron  NP 5.0%
  • Darryl E. Johnson  NP 4.2%
  • Andrew Mendez  NP 1.5%
  • Richard Cangelosi  NP 0.8%
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Spokane School District – Director Position No. 4

  • Kata Dean WinnerNP 31.9%
  • Riley Smith WinnerNP 23.6%
  • Rion Ametu  NP 20.0%
  • Culzean Fairley  NP 18.8%
  • Corstian Dehle-Jones  NP 5.6%
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