Barry Loukaitis resentenced to 189 years

Barry Loukaitis resentenced to 189 years

Barry Loukaitis, who opened fire inside a Moses Lake school when he was just 14-years-old, was resentenced to life in prison on Wednesday.

The shooting at Frontier Middle School was not about Barry Loukaitis getting bullied.

The classmates he killed were simply easy targets sitting in the front row.

Loukaitis said he was just suffering from the frustrations other adolescents face and he didn’t know how to deal with them.

“I was stupid, pathetic, and weak,” said Loukaitis.

It was the apology and explanation from Loukaitis that shooting victims and their families had waited more than 21 years to hear.

“All of you are good people and hell is knowing you’ve done something to good people and there’s nothing you can do to make it right,” said Loukaitis.

Loukaitis says he realized long ago the pain the shooting rampage had caused.

But testimony on Wednesday at his resentencing from victims and their families provided point blank reinforcement.

Natalie Hintz was the only person who managed to survive getting shot by Barry.

“I saw Mrs. Caires plead with Barry to stop shooting,” said Hintz. “Barry without hesitation shot her. He showed no grief and no mercy.”

Loukaitis looked on in the court room daughters of teacher Leona Caires also provided grim details of his attack.

“She loved to teach,” said Victoria Kimball, daughter of the murdered teacher. “She died with a piece of chalk in one hand and an eraser in the other.”

Loukaitis cried on more than one occasion in the courtroom, including when Jon Lane, the heroic teacher who disarmed Loukaitis, spoke.

Lane wondered if Loukaitis was the young catalyst for the other school shootings in the future.

“Was this the pattern?” he asked. “Was this the start? Would those other shootings have followed if there hadn’t been a frontier?”

One of the other eighth graders held at gunpoint by Loukaitis said what all the other victims said.

Whether he was 14 or not that day, Loukaitis still deserves an adult punishment for what happened.