Bar owners respond to downtown Spokane shooting

Bar owners respond to downtown Spokane shooting
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A shooting outside of the Globe has some worried; a shooter is not yet in custody. 

Spokane police are still searching for the gunman who shot two Eastern Washington University football players late Friday night. Meanwhile, bar owners in the area are sharing their thoughts on the incident.

“It’s unnecessary. There’s no reason for this to have happened,” said Jeremy Urann, bartender at The Globe Bar & Kitchen.

Urann has lived in Spokane for his entire life. He said shootings like these are few and far between in this stretch of downtown.

“In any other area it would be more expected but on those nights there’s usually a cop parked right across the street all night long,” said Urann.

“We do have a significant police presence down here on Friday and Saturday nights, and we work with the police to keep this area safe,” said Scott Wilburn, Owner of The Globe Bar & Kitchen.

However, it’s nights like Friday that are a reminder that anything can happen.

“We’re always working on improving our security staff and also those cameras and the monitoring of those cameras,” said Wilburn.

“Now after something like this it makes you wonder again if we should maybe have somebody here at night,” said George Talotti, Owner of the Red Lion BBQ & Pub.

These bar owners are taking matters in their own hands, so that people visiting downtown know they’re being taken care of.

“I definitely plan on working with the other bar owners to do what we can to keep this neighborhood safe,” said Wilburn.

While not every crime can be prevented, they want to make sure it stays few and far between.

“We have people walking around everywhere, camera angles at every door. We want to make sure people are safe from start to finish,” said Wilburn.

Wilburn is meeting with other bar owners on Tuesday to discuss those possible ideas.