Ban on rideshare surge pricing lifted for College World Series

Ban on rideshare surge pricing lifted for College World Series
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Ride-share drivers threatened to boycott College World Series over the state's ban on surge pricing due to floods earlier this year.

Faced with the prospect of a transportation squeeze as the College World Series sets up shop, Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts has issued an executive order to halt a ban on dynamic pricing, so-called surge pricing, by Uber and Lyft drivers.

Under state law, “Dynamic pricing shall not be permitted during any state of emergency declared by the Governor.”

Uber drivers rely on “surge” pricing – boosted rates in areas where a lot of ride-share users are requesting a pick-up.

The spring flooding put the prohibition into effect. Because of the disaster declaration drivers have lost out on extra money on holidays and Berkshire-Hathaway’s annual shareholders’ meeting. Now the CWS is bringing crowds to town and drivers had threatened to sit this one out.

Uber and Lyft driver Andy Nekuda told reporters on Monday, “Point blank, they’re not going to drive for the College World Series.”

The governor’s executive order reads, in part, I, Pete Ricketts, Governor of the State of Nebraska, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of Nebraska, waive the specific requirements on transportation network companies imposed by Neb. Rev. Stat.§ 75-327(2)(d)(iv) for the remainder of the current State of Emergency.