‘It was nice to see everyone’: Spokane Public Schools students look back on the first day of school

SPOKANE, Wash. — It was a day full of jitters and smiles for Spokane Public School students. They are back in class full time and in person.

Students like Anna Little and Grace Schneider have not been to class every day since March 2020. They were two of thousands of students that felt a little bit of normalcy on Thursday.

“It was really fun to see Grace in the hallways and see all your friends and wave,” said Little, a sophomore at Lewis and Clark High School.

They have been friends since second grade and have gone through all the pandemic changes together. They have not been in class full time since they were in eighth grade. Now, they are sophomores.

Besides masking up, the close friends said the first day back felt normal.

“It was weird to wear it for six hours. It’s a little hard,” said Schneider. “Sometimes I like to go out into the hallway to get a drink so I could take it down, but other than that it’s kinda normal now.”

Though COVID-19 cases are rising in Spokane County, Little and Schneider said they were not concerned about crowded hallways or wearing a mask.

“Almost all my friends are fully vaccinated and everyone was wearing masks and I didn’t feel unsafe at all at going back,” Little explained.

As expected, things got a little stressful at times. They said it was a little overwhelming but it was rewarding. As school moves forward, Little and Schneider hope they get the true high school experience, like eating lunch with their friends and going to prom.

“Oh, back to school clothes shopping was the best part,” the friends said.

Most importantly, they want to continue to make memories with each other.

“I really hope it stays the same,” Schneider said. “I really liked today.”

For the time being, students and staff have to wear masks. They can remove them if they’re outside or eating, which is now in the cafeteria with the rest of their peers. Kids also need to stay at least three feet apart, if possible.

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