Back-To-School 101: Spokane Public Schools phasing out meal kits, available still for virtual-only students

SPOKANE, Wash. — With more students coming back to the classroom, they’re able to get a free breakfast and lunch right there at school.

But the Spokane Public Schools says it recognizes some families will still need help.

Starting Monday, Mar.1, families with students who are all-virtual through the Spokane Virtual Academy can still pick up a five-day meal kit, but its limited to one day each week.

This also goes for Spokane preschool students and homeschool students through the USDA.

Families with children under 18 who are still learning at home can continue picking up breakfast and lunch at these middle school and high school locations.

With Kindergarten through fourth grade now back in the classroom full-time, they eat breakfast and lunch at school.

Fifth and sixth grade students doing a hybrid schedule eat at school on the days they’re at school and take home a grab n’ go bag to save for their virtual learning day.

This will also be the plan for seventh through 12th grade students.

Director of Nutrition Services, Doug Wordell says eating in the classroom versus the cafeteria has been the safest method.

“Our Kindergarten through fourth graders eat everyday in their classroom. Breakfast and lunch our teachers have been doing a really good job,” said Wordell. “It’s been a big lift to learn how we were doing that but our social distancing, our custodial support, eating in the classroom has really worked well.”

Next month, it will have been a year since Spokane Public Schools started feeding students with daily grab n’ go meals.

Since then, the district has fed thousands of students and made changes along the way to accommodate families.

“Having families come by and picking up the meal kits and being able to meet parents and families and just connecting with them has been the highlight of our staff’s time in knowing that families are coming through and saying ‘Thank you so much.’,” said Wordell.

Tuesday, Feb. 23 is also the last day for mobile meals, where Spokane Public Schools had meal kits delivered by bus to area neighborhoods.

If you need meals for your student, but you’re not able to pick one up, you can always call the school district and staff there will connect you to community agencies that can help.

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