‘Baby Trump’ balloon makes appearance at Florida rally

A “Baby Trump” balloon made an appearance in West Palm Beach, Florida, on Saturday at a rally to mark the anniversary of Hurricane Maria striking Puerto Rico, CNN affiliate WPTV reported.

Protesters also planned to use the occasion as an opportunity to protest near President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort and put pressure on lawmakers to send more aid to Puerto Rico.

WPTV reporter Jillian Idle tweeted a time lapse video of the balloon being inflated at the rally.

President Trump was not at the Florida club when protesters drove by honking their horns and waving Puerto Rican flags on Saturday. According to WPTV, attendees then went to a rally, where Florida’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum made a surprise appearance and addressed the crowd.

The balloon that appeared in Florida is one of six “Baby Trump” balloons making their way to demonstrations around the country, according to organizers with The People’s Motorcade, which is coordinating the “Baby Trump” tour.

The New Jersey-based non-profit organization bought the balloons with funds from a GoFundMe campaign after it received permission from activists in the UK who first debuted “Baby Trump.”

The first “Baby Trump” balloon — a caricature of the President that features him in a diaper with a phone in his hand, ready to tweet — first took flight in July, when London protesters turned out to voice their distaste for Trump during his visit.

It also appeared in Edinburgh while the President played golf at his resort in southwestern Scotland.

“This is how most of the world sees Donald Trump, certainly most British people,” Leo Murray, one of the activists behind the balloon. “It’s a popular perception that he is a big angry baby. … Anytime something doesn’t go the way he likes, he chucks his toys out of the pram.”

US activists in New Jersey also got permission from their UK counterparts to make three of their own balloons from the original patterns and molds.